What kind of journalist are you?

As a journalist the topics that interest me most are usually fashion or celebrity based. Reasons for this could be down to the fact that fashion is changing all of the time and new creative ideas are published in the media everyday. Fashion is such a popular world wide topic for journalists and it’s one of those topics that is an open book, there is no right or wrong with fashion that’s probably why the topic is so widely covered.  Fashion based Photographic Journalism is easily accessible in this modern era due to social networking sites such as Twitter. I constantly find myself following branded accounts such as Vogue, Topshop ect. Looking at their new tweets about latest items added to their collection or what celebrity has been spotted wearing what. Also other blog websites such as Pintrest and Flickr. I use both of these websites and constantly repining images and adding my own descriptions to the images which i find in the fashion and beauty categories.


Celebrity journalism blogs are such a popular topic as the target audience is practically everybody. Most people want to know what’s going on in Hollywood or which celebrity couple has broken up again? The media are so heavily focussed on bringing gossip and he latest news to the public.

My hobbies usually include shopping like most girls. I love looking up and down the high street! My favourite shops include Topshop, New Look, H&M, Zara and River Island.
I also love reading. I read as much as possible asI find it theraputic. I’m currently reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips- First Lady, and recently purchased LOOK magazine for the millionth time. LOOK magazine offers everything that i love, whether its beauty tips, fashion ideas and the latest celebrity gossip!all for £1.80


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