Reflection 1

First week of teaching.

During the first week of teaching I was so nervous, like most people that day. It felt like I was being thrown in the deep end all over again, but the teaching staff were really kind and reassuring. Also the fact that everyone was trying to make good first impressions helped as we were all being super nice to each other! My first lesson included experimenting with Adobe Illustrator. I did enjoy working with this but found it hard to keep up and keep focussed on the task in hand(as usual). I was more concerned on trying to find all of the different tools and techniques. After finally working out roughly what to do I enjoyed working with the application but would really like the chance to work with it more because it all looks overly complicated to me at the moment.

During our session with Karl he helped us create and start up our own blogs on WordPress. I absolutely love using WordPress now and have found myself constantly wanting to blog about things that aren’t related to the course so i’m considering creating new pages or even a separate blog for my personal interests such as fashion blogging ect. I have found it very interesting researching for my blog posting looking into myths and writing about what sort of journalist I would like to be when I graduate. I can see me blossoming into a keen blogger who annoys everyone due to the constant blogging.

The people that I have met on this course are so lovely. At first I found it so awkward, but after the initial hello? What’s your name? Where you staying? we were all fine and got along really well!  I’ve also become really close with the people staying in the same house as me. The girls I’ve known since college, but the guys are great as well I love my flat mates! I love Dawson 3!!

What shenanigans did you get up to?
Well like most students I was more excited for freshers rather than actual university! The reputation of freshers has always been crazy and it certainly lived up to it! My friend has broken her ankle it happened the day before we moved away to university so my freshers has consisted of drunken nights wheeling my friend around Oceana and other bars and clubs. Also two of the lads that are living with me in Dawson 3 have broken their hand and i’ve got a feeling their is a curse in our flat.. whos next?


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