Iconic Images.

Iconic images are images that are instantly recognizable to anyone. They are images which have maybe an underlying meaning or something that represents another either belief or campaign. I personally love the more common iconic images such as Iconic Women such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

One of the most awakening images is the image below by photographer Jeff Widener. The image is the famous “Man in front of the tank” . This image sums up the actions and beliefs that drove the Chinese people to protest in Tiananmen Square in 1989. This image shows the compassion of the Chinese students and how one mans actions and sacrifice wanted to stand up and fight up against the strong military which ruled over Chinese social lives in those times as the Chinese communist society was very controlling.


Another image which is very iconic is the famous “Vietnam War” image by photographer Nick Ut. This image shows young innocent children running for their lives from the dangers the war produced. What makes this image so gut wrenching is the sheer horror and fear on those children’s faces. This image symbolized the fear and destruction that war brings upon us. This image was taken in 1970 and really opened peoples eyes worldwide and what makes this image so iconic if the fact that it was the beginning of the end of the war.



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