Photography. – Introduction

Everybody who studies Photography knows to a certain extent about aperture and shutter speed and how these aspects of photography can affect exposure. But I confess I didn’t know a lot about these techniques. After our lecture with Brian I think I’m not the only one but I personally learnt a lot of valuable information.

Long story short.. The aperture is like the eye of a camera just like the pupil’s of our eyes. Have you noticed that when it’s really bright outside you squint your eyes? This is just like the aperture of a camera. The wider the aperture the more light the camera can see. The smaller the aperture the less light the camera can see. This all affects the exposure of the final image.

Aperture is measured in F.stops the smaller the aperture the higher the number. E.G … f/2= really wide aperture. f/32= really small aperture.

Exposure is affected by 3 main components.

1) Aperture
2) Shutter speed
3) ISO


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