Social Media- London 2012, Racist Tweets

Joy and excitement were the words to describe the London 2012 but overshadowing the Olympic event was the underlying racism that drifted through the social networking website ‘Twitter’. British Olympic athletes were warned to act with caution on all form of social media after the dismissal of the Greek Triple Jumper Paraskevi Papachristou regarding her racist tweet

“with so many Africans in Greece …… the west Nile mosquitoes will at least eat homemade food!!”

Greek officials were quick to condemn her actions and her lack of respect for Olympic values. However, Papachristou revealed to the press that she thought her dismissal was an ‘excessive reaction’. The Swiss’s comments were not an isolated incident throughout the Olympics; Michel Morganella was also banned for his racist tweet about South Korea.

More racially abusive tweets circulated from Team USA fans in regards to the win for gold by the US womens football team. Seconds after the game ended “Pearl Harbour” and “Japs” were trending world wide throughout twitter, clearly showing the amount of people hash tagging their tweets in relation to this subject. Fans were tweeting claiming the 2-1 win for USA was “payback for Pearl Harbour”.  We must ask ourselves why such a traumatic event is being re lived though twitter?

“The game – and the tweets – fell on the 67th anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bomb attack, which killed 70,000 people on August 9, 1945.”- Daily Mail

Before the introduction of social media like twitter, there would have been no medium, other than saying them out loud or to a reporter, for your personal comments to come to the attention of the public. This begs the question of if you should be disciplined by your profession for comments made on your personal twitter account?

Article By. Jodie Roberts and Rhian Ryan- (
Images we collected are from the


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