The Frozen Moment, Captured and Constructed.

 The Hati earthquake.

The earthquake hit Hati at catastrophic magnitude on Tuesday 12th January, 2010. The world witnessed this tragedy and the detrimental effects it had. It was shown that 52 aftershocks caused an estimated 316,000 deaths, 300,000 injuries and a shocking 1,000,000 people were left homeless.  It leaves us to think about these people at such a sad time and we ask ourselves, What would I do in that position? What if my home was destoryed? I think it’s fair to say you could not imagine putting yourself in such a horrible position. This is why photographers quickly rushed to Hati to offer help and support by constructing and capturing images to publish world wide to help raise funds and helpers who are able to fly over to Hati to offer voluntry work looking after the sick, injured homeless orphans and manual work.

Help for Hati campaigns started worldwide to help raise the funds to help this country in need.

This image shows a young boy helping distribute  high protein food packs to the helpless which would have been provided by charities world wide. This image strikes me as Hati didn’t only need to recruit the help from the world but also needed the people of Hati to unite and work together to get the country out of crisis. This image shows the younger generation stepping up and helping their people, despite probably losing family members, friends, and probably their homes.

What strikes me most about this image is the fact that this young boy shouldn’t be providing help to this disaster, he shouldn’t even be in this position at all should he?No. This young boy should be out playing with friends and family.

Another notable point about this image is the fact that the background is blurred making the focal point right on the young boy.In the background you are able to see the legs of what I presume is soldiers provided and dispatched by the United Nations to help stereo typically images that have been constructed like this one to use in aid posters ect, however it’s the young boy in this parti,cular image which is providing help.

It’s clear to see that this image has been carefully constructed to help gain more sympathy and funding for this disaster that has struck Hati.,r:9,s:0,i:96&biw=1247&bih=693,r:15,s:0,i:114&tx=106&ty=41&biw=1247&bih=693


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