Do I believe what i see? – Propaganda

History Lesson- Nazi Germany.

Hitler. The worlds most famous dictator. Nazi Germany was under the rule of hitler from 1933- 1945. Hitler rose to power through the power of propaganda. The Nazi party was the largest in the Reichstag this was because of Hitlers secret weapon was Joseph Goebbels- Minister for Propaganda.

“The essence of propaganda consists of winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it” – Joseph Goebbels.

Nur Hitler- Only Hitler- German election poster 1933.

Propaganda was so powerful in Nazi Germany because it steered the whole nation to support Hitlers Nazi idea. Hitler controlled all aspects of life, he re-wrote books, dominated the cinema and made sure that cheap radios were available so everybody could listen to Hitlers speeches. – Hitler also created the Gestapo and SS (secret police) to work with Joseph Goebbels to capture any publishers, editors, writers creating anti-hitler or anti-nazi articles/propaganda ect. He then created the Editors Law- everything was now censored by the Nazi Party. This all happened to help recruit voters to keep Hitler into power and help develop his ideologies for an arian race. This was to be created by world domination and means of war.

Hitler now had new targets in his propaganda he wanted to promote his war effort. Propaganda promoted an al german victory to help soliders recruit and become Nazi Soldiers.Propaganda would promote the war effort manipulating the citizens of Germany as they would not be able to escape from the constant glare of the posters ect.


kämpfe für die sache- fighting for a cause
Es Lebe Deutschland! -Long Live Germany

Other Examples of PROPAGANDA.

Propaganda- showing different allies and countries sticking together fighting for freedom against Hitler and his Nazis.

War time propaganda was a huge aspect of that generation as it was a way that the government could communicate with the public. Most propaganda radiated around recruitment, keeping peoples attitudes positive and rationing.

Rationing was a major part of every countries war effort. Governments had to  promote the action of growing and storing your own food ready for the war. This was because during the war in England especially huge ports and docks were bombed including my home city Hull! – Hull was bombed heavily as she was a major dock holding ships that have traded food from surrounding countries ect. Farming declined in the war as farmers would have to volunteer for the war, and obviously people weren’t as wealthy as money had to be used for mass production of weaponry.



Germany weren’t the only country who were able to mass produce propaganda to support their war effort. Great Britain and America are the most common propaganda i’ve found. Showing Anti-Nazi posters urging people to recruit as they want to abolish the Nazi ideologies. The most popular form of poster was ‘Stamping out’ wether it be the Germans stamping on our way of life or Great Britain and her allies stamping on the German way of life.



 –> American Disney Propaganda video.



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