Writing For the Web. “Is student life becoming more sexist?”

Sexism or just a bit of fun?  

Sources are claiming that the new teen craze Slut-dropping and themed social events are making student life more sexist.Is student life becoming more sexist or are the views of sexism just to uptight?

After young Patrick Kingsley posted his article about his personal views on student life becoming more sexist it sparks up the topic of student life. As freshers week has just passed for most universities across England popular student events such as Carnage UK hosted special themed nights out such as “Pimps’n’Hoes” ,  “Geeks and Sluts” “CEOs and Corporate Hoes”. These events prove to be extremely popular with students every year as they are the UK’s number one student event since 2004. Freshers week is the one week in the run up to university where you don’t have to care about getting up for a lecture the next day or having to explain your actions to your parents. Let us freshers embrace this new experience of freedom and cheap drinks.

What is a ‘Slut Drop’?
Frequent comments have been made on the new term ‘slut dropping’. So much false information have been published on the internet relating to this term as in the Guardian Patrick posted a quote from Laura Bates -founder of everyday sexism.

“I don’t want to suggest it’s a national trend. But it is just one example of what seems to be a disturbing wider phenomenon. On the one hand, women are being told that they’ve got to go to all these club nights dressed like a slapper or a slut. And on the other hand they’ve got these boys deriding them for that. It’s a double bind.” 

However  the term slut dropping has come from the UK hit show ‘Geordie Shore’ this new dance move is basically club jargon and is a dance move used to attract people.

The disturbing act of boys picking ‘sluts’ to take home is truely disturbing but is a rare activity. The information that has been given to Kingsley and Bates is 100% false and is a young term and we don’t expect anyone who isn’t usually in the club scene to understand this term.

So coming back to the initial question is student life becoming more sexist? I think the answer is a no. This subject would be considered sexist in different cultures but in modern british culture I think we do dress up ‘slutty’ in an ironic way and I think that this is basically highlighting british humour. Nobody is telling women to dress in this manner, the option is there for them and if the women find this disrespectful they wouldn’t put themselves in that position surely?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpziKWEnJDQ – Geordie Shore UK the official creator of the ‘Slut Drop’


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