List Article- My notes and Reflection.

In this workshop Karl introduced us to the simple yet effective list article format. Hearing the words ‘list article’ I immediately thought to myself oh dear this sounds complicated. However the format is so simple and now I am able to recognize them everywhere, in magazines and online.

Karl stressed how it’s a perfect format for photojournalists. This is because these types of articles are based upon images accompanied by text. Ideal!

Your able to photograph your work, type it up quick and immediately post it online! 


My Article.

I couldn’t think of anything to work with for my article. I searched the internet looking for ideas to inspire my own and i saw one list article which was worst dressed celebrities. As I love catching up on celebrity gossip I thought… Perfect. However I didn’t want to use secondary source images that have already been produced in articles like that so I buried deeper and thought i’d stick to the initial top 3 worst ….
Then it came to me i thought tattoo’s are perfect, everybody has tattoo’s some I like, and some i grit my teeth and lie saying there nice (whilst thinking oh my gosh what have you done?!).

I loved the fact that we had so much freedom whilst doing this task. This is what I love most about this course is the freedom to write about what I please. Whilst at sixth form during my A level English Language a section of the course was journalistic writing. We had a degree of freedom whilst writing however there were still basic guidelines in relation to subject we had to follow. I was always the person in the class who would want to wander off tangent and write about things that interested me and got me thinking and discussing.

Although I didn’t write a lot to go with the images i selected as I feel that I didn’t want to analyse the images as for starters they weren’t my own and I thought the images spoke for themselves really. Whilst creating my article I wanted to add a comical tone as I was sort of mocking what tattoo’s people have had done. This is what I enjoyed the most as again the freedom to write what I wanted without sticking to any rules apart from the initial format of list articles.

Being able to use this format of article writing and enjoy it is great. I loved this workshop with Karl and it has made me so excited to be able to develop this skill and use it further in the future as I predict I will be freelancing upon my graduation. This would be a great way for me to develop a portfolio of work to help my chance of becoming employed.


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