Top 3 terrible, regrettable tattoo’s.

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Top 3 terrible, regrettable tattoo’s.

Tattoos that were probably a dare or funny at the time  but are undoubtedly terrible.

Tattoos, the craze that everybody has or will eventually go through. I’m presuming we’ve all either got or thought about getting a tattoo. If your anything like me you probably didn’t know what to get, and probably google’d tattoos for ages. I can safely say I won’t be getting any inspiration off these people…

1. Mia and Dylan… The dreaded portrait tattoo 
This image, like so many is the attempt to document a childs face so it can be remembered whilst the child is growing up. But seriously what’s wrong with the traditional photo album?

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2. ‘Bad Boys For Life’… Create your own tattoo
I think the image speaks for itself. Designing tattoos is not one of this persons strengths. I wonder what this guy is going to tell his grandchildren when he’s older?

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3.  Crazy Fans… ‘Twilight Fan- Fail’
This image is simply awful. As a Twilight fan I don’t think that this tattoo gives the characters justice. The distorted faces can only mean that the tattoo artist really doesn’t like Twilight or was falling asleep.

Image Reference->


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