My Pecha Kucha.

I do not own any of these photographs. These images were found on

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1- Dog.
I loved this image as soon as i saw it. i think that the image was captured at the right time and the photographer must of taken multiple shots to get this image. I love the contrast of the vibrant colour of the dogs tounge, the blue sky and the golden fur of the dog. I also like the way the image shows movement, the water isn’t in focus showing that it was moving really fast.

2- Woman.
This image grabbed my attention immediately. I love how the image could be a metaphor. The image that replaces the silhouette could represent the woman’s feelings, emotions, mood. The harmony of the setting could be reflected through the calm facial expressions of the model.

3- Young Girl.
Now, this image stands out to me as the image is very fun and effective. I read that this image was taken purely bu hanging the camera around your neck and putting it on self timer, then you are able to use your hands to swing around the subject. This image looks very fun and gives off the feeling of happiness and joy. The image is also effective as the subject is in focus and the background isn’t as its showing movement.

4- Cat.
The cat in this image is beautiful. The deep, vibrant colour of the eye is gorgeous. I think the detail that is captured in the eye of the cat is mesmorising as you don’t see that everyday. I also like the detail that is captured within the fur of the cat, which contrasts with the rest of the image which is out of focus.

5- Forest.
This beautiful scene was captured in Japan. I love autumn, and forests so this is a perfect combination. I love how fairy tale like this image looks and how it  gives off a mystical feeling. I love the soft colours of the reds and oranges and some pinks, and how they all compliment each other beautifully. I don’t know if  a filter has been used on this image or whether it’s natural, either way it is very effective.

6-  Sand Faces.
Whilst looking at this image, it instantly makes me smile. I love how fun and unique this image is. The idea is so different, i’ve never seen anything like this and would love to try this myself. i love the contrast of the golden sand and the shading of the shadows that were created. Overall this is a fun lively image likely to brighten up your day.

7-  Woman. 
I love this fashion image, i love how the photographer has managed to enable the model to be in focus and the objects that are moving around her to be out of focus. The pigeon that is flying in the foreground if was captured a second later would have ruined the image but it never, the image was composed beautifully. I also like how the dark colours compliment each other in this image too.

8- Boat.
This image is one of my favourites. I love how surreal this image is and how dream like the image is also. The concept is great, i love how the image could be interpreted to be sailing through the clouds. I think the soft pastel colours also add to the dreamlike persona this image creates.

9- Man and Camera.
I love how you have to use your imagination on this image. What ive learnt so far is that most of the best images in the world have been caught by chance and that’s what photojournalists have to work with, I think this image links perfectly with that statement as I would love to see what image he captured.

10- Flower Skirts.
These 3 images all connect perfectly together, i love the concept of this idea experimenting with the broad variety of flower shapes and incorporating them within a photograph. I think these images are very feminine and very clever, The stance of the models compliment the shape of the body and how well the flower compliments how the clothing should be. 


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