Once Upon a Time… Story of 9/11 Bombings

A photograph that tells a story. 


September 11th 2001.

A large scale terrorist attack took place in lower Manhatten, New York. Suicide bombers from the Al-Qaeda hijacked 2 boeing 676 planes and flew them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.
Nobody knew the severity of this coordinated terrorist attack but after 56 minutes of burning the south tower had collapsed, crushing and killing anybody in it’s way.
NewYork city fire department deployed more than half of it’s forces to help aid the site of the World Trade Centre. Brave members of the fire department went inside both towers trying to rescue civilians. Due to the disruption of the attacks all radio links had been affected and most of the fire fighters in the buildings did not receive the signal to withdraw from the buildings as the south tower collapsed just half an hour after the first.

The overall casualties during the day resulted in 2,753 deaths.

The whole operation clean up process took a staggering 8 months. This is because as the towers collapsed they affected surrounding buildings of the World Trade Centre. Any buildings that didn’t collapse had to be demolished as the damages were so severe they were beyond repair.

All of these photographers are able to capture a chapter in the story of the events of the 9/11 Bombings. They all help you understand and try to empathise the people in the images and the people in the buildings, helping realise what they must be feeling, thinking, wishing, hoping.
Anybody who was unfortunate to witness the attack on the world trade centre would probably describe the event as traumatising. Any of the poor individuals who were involved and victims of this horrible attack would probably agree. But as the world watched America fight and try to recover from this terrorist disaster we could only empathise and hope that they would be able to recover from this event.
The images collected from that day will be apart of history forever and will be nothing but a painful reminder of what terrorism has created in this world.

R.I.P to everyone who sadly lost their precious lives during the 9/11 bombings.


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