Shutter Speed – Photography

All of the following artists have experimented with shutter speed to create amazing photography.

-Christopher Thompson
-Charlie Hamilton James
-Syl Arena
-Davi Ziser/Rees
-Cliff Smith
-Jim Worrall
-Darren Rowse

^^^^ Find images..

Micheal bosanko

Micheal Bosanko is an amazing light graffiti artist. His images are truely magical. He can photograph any desserted area and then add magnificent light trails, shapes ect.

His images can have a deep meaning or a message embedded in them or they can simply be for fun. His work is without a doubt amazing.

I’d really like to look into his work further and maybe look at some Photoshop tutorials and see if i can use this idea and look at doing some light graffiti myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Possible Shutter Speed Themes.

graduation photos
water dropping
sparklers… bonfire night
things being hit
light graffiti
take the picture of sea scape… 1 min exposure.. time vary!

What I like about Shutter Speed.

I love shutter speed photography. I think that the effect is so simple yet so effective. I love how a photographer can make water look like flowing clouds by simply making the shutter speed longer allowing the water to move whilst the photograph is being taken.

I also love how water droplets can be captured with a very fast shutter speed to allow you to look closely at the detail that it creates.

Other subjects such as fast moving animals can be captured with a fast shutter speed allowing people to look at animals such as humming birds more closely. This in turn creates amazing photography which gives the illusion that time is passing really slowly or has been frozen.



Today was very interesting, we looked very in depth about shutter speed. The actual information that Brian was useful but i already knew what he was saying. However I did love looking at the different examples that Brian had to offer. I loved looking at the artists, and their work.

This really inspired me to look into the theme of light graffiti as its bonfire night coming up and i’d love to follow the theme of light and the trails and effects that light can create. I have experimented with light trails previously looking at transport and cars, using a slow shutter speed.

looking at the slide show that Brian used in the lecture, I did see lots of water photography and using slow shutter speeds to capture water in the moment exposing the texture and detail of water droplets however if you flip it on it’s head you can use a slow shutter speed and create a soft flowing, mystical effect on water. I’d really love to attempt this effect as it’s so simple yet the results are really effective.


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