Social Comment.

Social Media. Heavily influenced around image, around how women look, how women aspire to look.

magazines, runway models, Britain’s next top model, Vogue.

All publishing images of small, skinny models who have had make up done by professionals, and probably airbrushed in post production! Girls cut out these images to create collages of how they would like to look and dress.

PLASTIC SURGERY.–> a significant amount of girls, if they had the money would get plastic surgery!

adds show unattainable beauty and figures.

“to all the girls that think you’re ugly because your not size 0, your the beautiful one, it’s society who’s ugly”- Marilyn Monroe.

Dove Beauty Campaign-

“no wonder our perception of beauty is distored!”- Dove Campaign

The message sent through the images on flickr is that social media has a very strong message that young girls are picking up on. The world is so concerned about fashion, dieting, plastic surgery, hair products, beauty products. ( i’m guilty, i’m so concerned on all of these things) But nobody is actually educated on this topic. from such a young age girls are trying to grow up too fast, putting make-up on at a young age, dressing up to look older then they are.Why can’t people put off growing up, enjoy how they look, and enjoy life?



Trying to let the world know that all your flaws and imperfections actually make you beautiful. all of the models haven’t had make up applied, or have been airbrushed, all REAL WOMEN.

Celebrities. They do not look perfect all of the time. They have professional make-up artists ready to make them look ‘perfect’. They will then have a team of people who will continue to edit and work on the images in photoshop to make them look even better.



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