History of Photojournalism- A Journey.

A Journey. – Through somebody’s life. A Journey through time!

“If old hands could speak, what would they say?” -Annette Zeidman


What stories would they tell you? I can only imagine the stories they could tell of the journeys they have been through. The sadness they have experienced, compared to they joys they have held, the joys of holding children, grandchildren. The sadness of loosing friends, partners, pets. The writing and hard work these hands must of gone through. The cooking, the driving. The list goes on.

The one thing we use most in the world is our hands, without our hands what can we do?

When I look at these images my imagination goes wild! I can just picture being told a story from when that young person was younger, how their life would be, and how those hands would be young again. Playing in fields, picking flowers, playing with toys, playing football, skipping ropes, reading books- so many different books as that person aged, the history the have touched. Old women have fascinating hands. Sometimes they posses a wedding ring. This could open a truely wonderful chapter of their story of their journey through time. I look at the hands and think of all of the sewing they could have done through their journey, all of the cooking, Imagine all of the birthday cards they would of have to have written, All of the children they would have mothered and grandchildren after that.

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I find this so fascinating as I would think to find a story in something so simple, something so obvious. When i look at hands I look at finger nails, if they are painted what colours are they how does that reflect on the person also I usually see scars. Scars are stories all by themselves.  How did the person get that? What’s the story behind it? How through their journey they have created more scars.

I think the mind can take you anywhere on this journey, as every person is unique and will have a different journey to tell.


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