Structures for writing for the web.

Basic Article Structure. – Print Form

-Sub heading/cross heading every 300 words
-page length 1200-1600 (broadsheet)
750-1000   (magazine)

Basic Article Structure. – Online

-Page Length 250-750
-Subheadings more frequent every 50-100 words

Inverted Pyramid

Writing Style

-Use concise , simple language. Avoid ‘marketing’ jargon.
-Speak to the reader. Be conversational.
-Use shorter sentences.
-Make headings simple and descriptive.
-Make content scannable.

You need to.

-Grab readers attention from the strap.
-Use shorter paragraphs.
-Break up the text- Cross headers.
-Use block quotes or callouts- quote from the source.
-Use lists to select key points.
-Use multimedia- Embedded audio, film, images.


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