Sources, Quotes and Copyright Notes.


-Secondary Source–> This is an article, documentary or report that has been used previously.

  • quotes used from newspaper articles
  • information taken from blogs or other online publications
  • material from social media
  • quotes from books, films, TV or other narrative sources

-Primary Source--> This is material that you have gathered independently or researched yourself.

  • information from your own online publications you wish to recycle
  • quotes from interviews you have conducted yourself
  • information from statistics
  • media you’ve directly gathered from social media

Copyright. – This is a law to protect your own work.

  • claim authorship
  • distribute work
  • reproduce work
  • create new work based

Fair Dealing.

  • research and private
  • criticism or reviews
  • news reporting
  • incidential inclusion

Remember: You can interview somebody and publish it as they cant withdraw consent after the interview!


‘Off the record’ You can’t use this quote because it’s ‘off the record’ you can only use it as guidance

‘On the record’ This quote is usable

‘Pitch’ Where a writer will collect all of his/her ideas and create a summary of the publication, an idea.

‘5 W’s + 1H’ – Who, what, when, where, why, how? – standard format of article writing.


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