Introduction to Photography- Market Shoot Plan, Shoot and Reflection

Markets- Aperture

Look For
♦ Fruit- colours/textures!
♦ Vegetables – shapes/colours/textures
♦ different stalls/different people.. what actions they are doing capturing the moment.

 My Images. 


I did enjoy this task set by Brian. At first I thought “hmmm this isn’t very exciting” but then when we actually decided to visit the market I did have a lot of fun.
When me and my friends from the course decided to visit the market I did not have my bridge camera with me. – Dilemma. However I used my phone camera to snap some images as I didn’t want to miss out in the opportunity and fall behind.

The images I collected aren’t half bad considering everybody was using Canon and Nikon DSLR’s and I was using my Nokia Lumia camera phone. The images show up good quality and the camera showed the colour and texture very well! – Although the task was to look at the technique aperture and take photographs of the market using aperture I couldn’t really do that but in some of the images, my phone automatically focused on certain objects enabling the background/foreground to be out of focus which is the effect that my friends captured with their DSLR’s. That was the only major problem I faced whilst doing this task.ALso the fact that I could not change my shutterspeed. This was a problem as I wanted to capture people walking and birds mid- flight however my phone took it’s time auto focussing and then taking the picture resulting in me missing my chance to take the photograph- Hence why my images are all of still life objects.

If I had the chance to do this shoot again I would remember to bring my bridge camera or loan a DSLR camera. This would increase the professionalism of my images and also using the aperture and shutterspeed techniques I would be able to capture people in their day to day lives and capture fascinating images rather then just images of still life.


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