Preparation for my article.


Army Jobs. – exposing the life of young soldiers.

-young soldiers
-maturity levels… compared to guys not in the army
-should we still be deploying troops out?
-when will the conflict stop?
-what are we doing there?
-who else is there?
-where else are UK troops deployed?
-living conditions
-do you think more people should consider army jobs?
-will this be a career or something that you just wanted to experience?
-what made you want to go in the army?

have people chosen to go in the army to avoid fee paying education leading to dead end jobs?

interview guys i know that are in the army.

– are you in the army due to the fact that there aren’t many jobs available?
– would you consider higher education? if so why? if not why?
– would you make army jobs a career?

1-Whats your name, age and location? (where you live)
2-Are you in the army now? if so what ranking and regiment?
3-How long have you wanted to be in the Armed Forces?
4-What were your reasons for wanting to join the army?
5-Was your reason based on the facts that jobs are scarce in your local area?
6-Have you had/or would you consider higher education?
I managed to find some people who were friends of friends on facebook who would be willing to answer questions as to why they went into the army.

Interview 1

Interview1CInterview2CInterview3CInterview4CInterview5C Interview 2

Interview-1 Interview-2 Interview-3

1-John Todd, 23, Hessle
2-Still serving, Corporal, Royal Irish Regiment
3-Since i was a kid
4-Dad was in the army wanted to follow his footsteps
5-Nope could of gone to college or got a job like most my friends, but decided to join straight from school
6-yes have got my nvq level 1 maths, english through the army, but would not leave the army to do any other education as in the army its free


1) Christopher Allen Dodd, 19 home – Hull, posting – MOD Donnington, Telford.
2) Rank – Lance Corporal, 3rd Regiment of Royal Military Police, 174 Provost Company.
3) Since I was a child.
4) I joined because I would not have been able to stand doing a dead-end, pointless job in which I wouldn’t be worth anything to the world. I wanted to experience hardships and earn my rights other than expect them. I didn’t want to be faceless in a crowd like everybody else, all heading towards the same direction. At the end of my life I want to look back and say I counted for something, and the Army is a brilliant institute to achieve self appreciation. Also, when you watch the news and see war in the world, I wanted to be a part of it, and not a spectator. I know now I am living history, and my actions within a collective contribute to global events. I wanted a piece of the pie, so I took Queen’s shilling and enlisted.
5) Jobs are scarce eveywhere, however whether or not work is plentiful within the civilian world, I would still be doing what I am doing today.
6) Higher Education is something I am interested in and infact endevour to undertake next year. The Army has a system called ‘Advanced Leaning Credits’, and I am using mine to contribute towards taking an open university degree. I am interested in a few subjects and I’m looking forward to starting the degree

Leah Burdall.
“why did you choose not to go to university?”
“how long were you un-employed before you landed you job you have now?”
“if you could now would you choose to higher education or do you not see the point?”

“Because it wasn’t really for me.. Didn’t fancy going back to a classroom.. 6 months and nope I still wouldn’t! ”


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