Social Comment Photography- Notes and Reflection

In this lecture Mike explained how social commentary is projected through the use of art, cartoons and photography. The lecture enlightened me to look at how artists can express their views on society through their work.

We were able to look at difference circumstances for example ‘The Miners Strike’- 1984/5. This was a very serious case that drew attention from the press. The Miners strike was a serious industrial action that affected the UK’s coal industry. This strike was due to Margaret Thatcher wanting to break down the (NUM) National Miners Union as it was a very large strong union and could be seen as a threat.  The gallery shows the work of various photographers who were at the strike and were able to capture photographs of the strike in action.


I did enjoy looking at social comment photography as I looked at a more modern aspect of society to comment on. I looked in depth into ‘The Dove Campaign’ . Dove campaigned to only show real women and real beauty on their T.V advertisements. I loved this task as I feel very strongly about the impact that media has on society and their target audience which is primarily young girls. The famous video that Dove posted called ‘Dove Evolution’ This video showed how make up artists are able to create unattainable beauty and then the video continues to show you how the photograph has been photoshopped to make her face look flawless and her hair and features to be perfect.

I wanted to dig deep and show people how celebrities do not look naturally perfect all of the time, they do have imperfections, they do have spots, freckels, bad hair days, wrinkles, dark circles- everything any normal woman would have – the only thing they have that we don’t is professional make-up artists and photoshoppers making them appear perfect.

I loved working and researching this task as I wanted to find images of celebrities looking like any normal person like me. I wanted to expose what has been exposed by Dove further and in my own words as it’s a subject that is of a great interest of mine. I think this will help me in the future as I feel when I (if I) become a journalist then I will want to get my personality and judgement on topics that I will be writing about and I feel that it’s a good quality to have, to write about what you know and what you feel passionate about.


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