Introduction to Photography- Shutterspeed Plan, Shoot, Reflection

Light Graffiti- Shutter Speed

-shutter speed- research light graffiti
-light trails… look at A level work
-long shutter speeds
-experiment with things in front of camera (pinterest)

I chose to change the theme of the assignment as I found that I had no time to go to Tropical World. Therefore I decided to follow the theme of trails I have often experimented with light and water trails in A level photography and found the results to be very visually pleasing. I love the fact that the light trails look mysterious and magical depending on what your photographing.

I do have some images of light trails from cars on a dual carriage way. The slow shutter speed allowed the light to trail along the image showing the travelling of the light.

This shoot was very un planned, I was in Leeds City Centre and saw a water fountain. I was able to use a friends Nikon as I do not have a DSLR of my own. I was able to play with the shutterspeed to ensure that my water trails were seamless and timeless. however some of my images did come out under and overexposed so playing around with the aperture was needed to ensure that my images were perfectly exposed.

If I could do this shoot again i would expand on  the theme and take a lot more pictures around the theme of shutterspeed.


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