Photography is beautiful as you are able to explore different techniques and effects that make your photography unique. Lenses are just one of many techniques that you can use.

♦  Fish Eye
♦  Wide Angle
♦  Telephoto
♦  Macro

Fish eye photography is very simple as the lens creates a sort of enlarged and stretched image. I love the effect as you are able to zoom in on a specific object/subject and then capture it in such a unique way as it can possibly distort or add a different feel to the image.
I also believe that fish eye lenses create  a sort of fun image, I feel that the effect they have on certain images creates a fun bouncy effect. Also the effect of a fish eye lens adds amazing perspective which can be very effective when taking  photographs of urban landscapes.

Wide angle lenses can be used for story telling. This is because the lens allows a lot of subjects within the photograph to be in focus (wide DOF). This is particularly handy for photographic journalists as they are able to not only use their photography to tell stories through series of images but also accompany those images with text. – Like the list article technique.

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Telephoto lenses are VERY useful for photographers who specialise in fields such as sport photography or in some cases landscape photography. This is because the zoom built into these lenses are so extreme they are able to capture motion from very far away. however these lenses are so heavy they have to be attached to a tripod at all times to reduce camera shake enabling the photographer to capture very well composed images as they will have a shallow DOF as they have to focus on one particular subject the background is likely to be out of focus – this is known as single theme photography– its most common in sport photography. I like the effect this lens has as it’s able to capture such detail from subjects that are constantly moving and that are so far away. This photography is really trial and error as I don’t think you’re able to capture amazing photography straight away.

Macro lens photography is so simple yet very very effective as it enlightens the eye to see things they wouldn’t usually see. This type of photography is common with using subjects such as insect/animals/flowers and plants. This is because we arent usually given the opportunity to get close to insects and look carefully at their shapes,bodies,colours, textures ect. I think this photography is so effective as it has such a shallow DOF as all of the focus is on the subject.

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