Introduction to Photography- Halloween Shoot

Halloween- Artificial Lighting

♦  close up’s on objects creating shadows
♦  candles, red apples, skulls (Disney,Halloween)
♦ create different shadows, tree’s…
♦ experiment with different angles of light

“Stephanie Meyer has stated that the apple on the cover represents the forbidden fruit from the Book of Genesis. It symbolizes Bella and Edward’s love, which is forbidden, similar to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

I have chosen to include the famous red apple, and old fashioned candles into my Halloween theme as I wanted to create more of a metaphorical  theme for  my shoot.

I wanted to ensure that when people looked at my images and not immediately think of Halloween but things that have Halloween connotations. Such as ‘Red Apple‘ – This has associations with Snow White and how the wicked witch poisons Snow White. – The red in the apple will also have visual connotations such as red for blood, danger, alert, fear.

apple skull

I chose to include the candles as they give off a natural glow when lit. This is going to the create a soft mystical glow to the image. I believe that candles can have magical feel related to witch craft ect.

I intend to use artificial lighting such as a torch, lamp ect. I want to do this to create a dramatic shadow effect around my objects. Also I’d like to enhance the contrast on Photoshop just to add more effect.

I would like to also cut out strange shapes and put them over my camera lens to create a border embedded within the image- Experiment.

My Images. – MORE TO COME!


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