Who was the best bond? – Reflection

Who was the best James Bond?- Task 2.

This task set by Karl was an addition to the lesson and I didn’t actually do it in lesson time but managed to finish it at home. The task was simply to write a short article based around the subject ‘Who was the best Bond’ – We had references to articles that had already been published. For Example-  ‘Roger Moore says Connery was the best Bond.’

I researched the information provided and found a link to BBC’s interview with Sir Roger Moore. I listened through the video interview several times and created a transcript of the interview so I could use direct quotes from Sir Roger Moore.

BBC– Why is he such a kind of incredibly iconic character?
SRM– He’s a 20th century mythical hero with the different ladies… wonderful locations, big explosions, fantastic stunts, wonderful cars, great gadgets.

….. Irrelevant Dialogue.

BBC– There are questions people will always want to know the answer to- who was the best bond? apart from yourself.
SRM–  Err obviously Sean was the best bond but I think Daniel Craig will become the best bond.

I really enjoyed doing this task as I felt that i had some digging to do. Although I didn’t have to look far for my material, it was exciting the feeling of having to look for source material and actually having to transcript an interview so you’re able to quote the interviewee correctly. I did enjoy reading up on several articles that used this topic and were all roughly the same. I did enjoy writing this short piece as for the first time I felt proud of the end product as I know that it was my own work and wasn’t copied from any other publications with the exception of using BBC’s interview.

What would like to do in the future -obviously not with stars such as Sir Roger Moore- is to be able to interview them myself so the work is entirely my own. I think this adds more of a professional spin on the overall publication as you can call it your work. One thing I did find hard was the whole trying to be original, it’s hard to research a topic that has already been covered and try and put your own spin on it. Its especially hard to make your opinion of the subject unique and in your own words and not somebody elses- However when and if I become a successful photographic journalist, hopefully I will be able to do the interviewing and the writing.


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