History of Photojournalism- Timeline- Reflection

Task: Create 1/2 A3 sheets of Graphical Timeline- Include lots of images- History of Image Acquisition.

When Mike told the class the task in hand I immediately thought “ah easy”.. write down key points such as when the first photograph was taken, first camera was invented, different stages of the invention of the camera – Done.

However looking into depth into image acquisition was very fascinating. I had no idea how long it took for images to be finally created to the standard we have today. I had a brief understanding regarding the work of Henry Fox Talbort as I studied his work as part of my AS photography and the use of light sensitive paper like Anna Atkins. I also was able to create my own pinhole camera using an old tin, this was just creating a small hole on the outside on the tin and making sure the inside is completely blackened out and the view on the pinhole would project onto light sensitive paper.. The final image would be an upside down negative.

The technique of the pinhole camera is just like ‘camera obscura’ – Learning about this technique was so fascinating. It also made a lot of sense watching the David Hockney programme. He was able to show diagrams os how the obscura worked and it’s end results. Also during this programme I took notes and was able to catch a few names which I could then research later on.

I didn’t really enjoy researching after a while as I didn’t know what to look for, some websites would be helpful and others would just have brief information on, nether the less I carried on and was able to think of possible key moments and research using key words and key dates such as 1800’s or George Eastman, and Daguerreotype.


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