Social Media- London 2012, Racist Tweets- Reflection


This task was one of the first tasks set by Karl. The task asked us to work in pairs to collect secondary source information based upon a chosen subject. Rhian and I chose to look at the Olympic Tweets. – I wanted to pick this topic as I’m a huge fan of the Olympic games and watched it everyday. We firstly browsed the web to find different sources that had published articles around this topic. As the Olympics had only just passed the controvosy behind these tweets was still a hot topic. I really enjoyed looking through the different articles and extracting useful information and collecting it all together to create an idea board. – Rhian used what information we had collected in a pair to start the article and I carried on searching for the tweets actually on Twitter and through the internet. – I loved the amount of freedom we had whilst writing this article, the fact that we could choose what ever subject we wanted and come at it from our own point of view.

racist tweets 1racist tweets 2

One implication we came across was trying to make the article our own. Whats hard with these topics is we had to actually quote what the athlete said without changing the words, therefore our article and others were roughly the same to a certain extent.

Due to the lack of time we had to carry on the article writing at home, this was useful as we had more time to research and I was able to uncover some good images of screen shots of the tweets that were posted. However we weren’t able to work as a team right away so had to wait to see each other before we could decide on a final article.

If I had the chance to write this article again I would want to look more in depth on other peoples views about the tweets- from members of the Olympics committee to the general public of from the point of view  from the athlete themselves. Also what implications this caused for the overall reasoning for the Olympics- world wide peace in competing in sports not  the cooking pot for multi-racial abuse.


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