The Frozen moment captured and constructed- Reflection

Task; Choose an image that freezes time as part of  a narrative process and discuss.

Mikes task immediately got me racking my brains trying to think what to do. In the lesson he drew our attention to some images he’d selected himself they were;
♦ Twin Towers- The falling man
♦ Blind following the blind
♦ The fall of Icorus- Greek Mythology
♦ Mybridge- woman walking
♦ Bala- Italian, movement within an image.

He also showed us a striking trio of images captured by photojournalist John Sadovy in Hungary. The images were taken during the revolution of 1956.

Sadovy1 Sadovy2 Sadovy3

The images show that Sadovy was in the right place at the right time as this image shows alot of anger and hatred towards the secret police.- This image was not stages or constructed in any way, this image shows the frozen moment truthfully. This is obvious looking deep into the photograph you can see the fear and deep emotion on the Hungarians faces.
Sadovy4The image above was found on a very useful wordpress blog-


This image made me want to explore not human disasters such as death or protest or war ect, I wanted to show a narrative process through a natural disaster, such as Haiti’s Earthquake.

Whilst researching images for this I was able to find millions  of images showing the detrimental effects of the tsunami. However I wanted to find an image that really stood out. That is why I chose the image of the young boy distributing food packs with soldiers in the background. I feel like I found a really good image as the narrative behind it isn’t hard to work out- The whole of Haiti are working together to help get Haiti back on it’s feet.

Haiti Earthquake

I did enjoy this task as I was able to comment on the disaster from an outsiders point of view and I feel that the image I selected was such a huge part of the narrative process that photojournalists wanted to create to help the world see what they could. In turn this enabled more photographic journalists to flee to Haiti to start their narrative process to show the world the devastation that struck that poor country.


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