Writing for the web, Student Life becoming more sexist?- Reflection

After having a very detailed lecture about the basic structures for writing for the web- Which was very insightful- Karl set us a task to choose out of a few topics to write an article about it, from out point of view and put our new found knowledge to the test.

I chose the question- “Is student life becoming more sexist?”

I chose this because I really wanted to get my teeth into this article as I am a female student myself I think that my perspective on this matter would be interesting as many other articles relating to this question are basically slating students and recalling false information.

What I liked most about this article was the initial looking for statements and quotes from people who had commented on this subject. I also tried to look for web debates ect but was unsuccessful. However I did manage to find lots of articles based around the ‘Slut Drop’. This jargon was the main focus around the whole idea of the sexism that has emerged in student life. Whilst I was reading up on the material I found I begin to grow angry as I knew that the information was false and It really made me want to set the record straight- that is why I enjoyed this task so much.

Whilst writing I realised a lot of people in the class had chosen the same theme as me probably for obvious reasons. So I wanted to set an informal chatty tone to the article however remain serious to get my message across. I did however want to set my article straight from the rest and decided to look for some video’s that I could post into my article as one of the key points Karl said to do in articles is to use multimedia. – So I found a clip from the T.V series Geordie Shore. This popular show is where the club jargon ‘slut drop’ was from and I wanted to show the potential readers of my article the term in the right context.
– I think by adding the multimedia it allows my article to become more visually exciting and catchy for the potential readers and also to help people who weren’t familiar with this jargon to help them understand the term and to see where my point of view is coming from- because if they know the term ect they will understand how falsely the word has been used.

I also frequently made references to the student event ‘Carnage’ as this was another main topic that came up in the secondary research I had collected. I wanted to counter all of the comments made in other articles. – I wanted to express my views on the themed nights that they organise such as ‘pimps ‘n’ hoes’ ect.. – I think i did make my views very strong. – I did incorporate some images with my article and they can be seen as juxtaposing my initial argument if viewed upon in the wrong way. People may think that it’s drunken student’s being stupid and irresponsible however, from a students point of view I see it as young people, having a laugh, enjoying freshers week and their new found freedom before the journey of lot’s of hard work throughout university.

I’m very happy with my finished article as I know it’s my own writing and from my own personal point of view. I did like this topic very much and would like to write more around this topic as my views and opinions are very expressive.


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