Decisions Article Reflection.

Originally for this article I wanted to base it around the army I wanted to see it from a soldiers point of view. Hence why my pitch is so long, I had to keep expanding on my idea. I showed my pitch and he told me that it was a good idea however the only thing that would let me down would be the broadness of my idea and how I could write off on a tangent and not have enough focus on one subject. Which I happened to agree with. I wanted to write a good article and get my opinions across. So researching on the British Army website I came across a page about the Army Learning. This was intriguing as I personally didn’t know you could gain qualifications from being in the army as I thought the Army was an alternative to education.

Then an Idea sparked up, I wanted to look at the education I’ve signed up for being University and look at other alternatives such as the army, scholarships or full time jobs. I interviewed 2 people in the army and one person who went into a full time job after college to get their opinions on the matter and why they chose their options. I also wanted to write a tiny bit about why people don’t choose university and how the raise in tuition fees means that people stopped applying for university. – Just to clear the air.

I did have some trouble finding interviewees as I didn’t know anybody who was in the army ect. However I posted onto my personal Facebook page if anybody knew anyone who would be interested in answering a few questions and I got a good response. I did conduct my interviews over Facebook as the implication was I didn’t have access to where these people were in such short time. So I did do the interview over Facebook which isn’t very professional. If I had the chance to re-write this article I would of most definitely made sure that I was able to conduct the interview in person.


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