History of Photojournalism- Journey- Reflection

DO JOUNEY PAGE UPLOAD TO PDF… what you liked about the image, what you chose to do and why? write down how you thought it was hard to find a original idea … and then finding images to suit the chosen theme…

A journey. This was one of the most difficult task I’ve been set. Originally I thought that it would  of been an interesting topic to research thinking i’d have loads of ideas but when it came down to it i had ZERO. I had no enthusiasm about this task for some reason as I found it quite challenging for some reason. I would research and research but nothing actually stood out and made me think wow how interesting! This is why this page has been put off and put off until i had a brainstorm. I just thought what journeys do we take ourselves.

Rhian on my course researched a journey as we grow up which I thought was really fascinating however I wanted an original idea. Then I wanted to go deeper and it’s the journey of getting old which inspired me most as I thought us getting older is documented on our bodies, we are a walking journey every day of our lives is a new day a new chapter of our journey through life.  I loved looking at image for this theme as most people find old hands not very nice to look at but I love cuddling my grand parents and great grand parents and just being in their arms holding their hands is a beautiful thing and something we will all eventually go through so I love it.

I love the image of the old hands holding the young hands I find it a really lovely image as it shows the journey the older hands have endured and it’s almost sharing that story with the younger hands, as they are about to embark on their own unique journey through life.

I found it relatively easy to find images to accompany my chosen theme as I found a great website of a girl who had taken some images of old peoples hands as she found the idea as fascinating as me! I love the images I believe that the tiredness of the skin and the how the skin isn’t young anymore just reflects the person so much. When looking at the images i sit and look at my hands and wonder what they will look like when i’m older and I’ve experienced my journey.


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