Perfect Christmas Cupcakes- Reflection

For the list article that was set I didn’t have a clue what to write about. I created lots of mind maps trying to fins inspiration, Most people chose to things based around Leeds or where they had come from ect. However I didn’t want to make my article look like somebody elses.

That’s when I thought its almost Christmas! Now i had an over all theme to work with I could narrow down my mind mapping and then I remember Karl telling us that we could do a step by step tutorial. And I just thought of baking. So It was relativley simple in the end to think of my theme, I just needed some inspiration. I searched online for tutorials to see what people were doing and they looked fun and simple to do. All I had to do was to find some inspiration and then bake!

I searched online for images to create a mood board of buns/cupcakes to look at some nice simple designs to replicate and create myself! and doing the gallery of images was really helpful and inspiring!

One thing I did find difficult was remembering to take pictures whilst I was baking! I found it so fun i forgot half of the time and quickly had to stop what I was doing and photograph it!

I’m really happy with my end result even though the cupcakes look like a child has baked and decorated them!


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