What is a myth? – Reflection

This was the first task set by Mike and I was so excited to get it started. I had no idea how far back photographic journalism went. I found the lecture so fascinating and It made me more excited to see what was to come.

Myths are stories told that have evolves, an important aspect of the tribe. Learning about cave paintings was so fascinating as well. When I think of myths I immediately think of Ancient Egypt and Greece. Most famous mythical creatures and stories come from Greece and my dad absolutely loves Ancient Greece and loves looking at all of the mythical gods like Zeus, Posiden, Medusa, Hades ect. However my mum loves Ancient Egypt and so I’d of liked to research both so I texted both of my parents and who ever texted back first I would choose the Ancient time that they loved. It was my mum that’s how I chose Egypt.


I researched into what were their myths, the most significant myth that they followed which their whole life radiated around was the myth of the afterlife. I loved reading upon this I actually spent about 2 hours just reading online about this and learnt so much, how they depend on this myth incredibly and prepare for it their whole life, how they live by it.

Whilst reading upon it I thought that it sounds a lot like a modern myth that we live by now. Heaven. Most people i know believe in heaven and I thought wow that’s got to be the longest living myth that still goes on today, what happens to you when you die!

I didn’t find any implications when I was researching this as I found it so fascinating and It just intrigued me even more, the only problem was when i’d finished reading it was so late I had to leave the work till the next day, no joke.


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